Here are some samples of just some of our work with couples. Click on an image to open up a video clip. 
Sarah & Miles Wedding Highlights
hayleigh and martin wedding highlights

The wedding of Hayleigh and Martin was filmed on a spectacular summer’s day in the Cotswolds. The venue was the brilliant The Wood Norton.

Stephanie & James Wedding Highlights
marta and james wedding highlights

The wedding of Marta and James at Brooksby Hall was awesome. Absolute pleasure to work with these two and their film had a lot of stunning moments.

Sarah & Miles Wedding Highlights
sarah and miles wedding highlights

The wedding of Sarah and Miles was filmed on a splendid midsummer’s day in Worcestershire. The venue was the fabulous Birtsmorton Court.

Photography by: Paul Willetts Photography

Stephanie & James Wedding Highlights
stephanie and james wedding highlights

The wedding of Stephanie and James at Grafton Manor, Bromsgrove was a fantastic day. Lots of high points throughout the day and it was a pleasure working with such a brilliant couple.

Photography by: David Wadley Photography

Rachel & Cameron Wedding Highlights
rachel and cameron wedding highlights

The wedding of Rachel and Cameron was filmed on a very hot day in the middle of summer. The venue was the luxurious Lemore Manor.

Filming at Lemore Manor was a first for us, and what a venue it was! The entire day, from bridal prep in the morning through to the first dance, was filmed at this stunning venue.

Rachel and Cameron chose a brilliant venue and a cracking day to get married on. There was so much tenderness and caring between this couple, as I’m sure you’ll notice in the Wedding Highlights clip above. What a privilege it was to film the special day of two people who are so very much in love.

We got some great drone videography around Lemore Manor and it was cool to get some slow motion footage of kids playing (crocquet!)  

The first dance was one of our favourites of the year – lots of passion and fun had by all! We really had a blast at this wedding and we also want to give a special shoutout to the owners and staff at Lemore Manor, who made our job that much easily by being so welcoming and friendly throughout the day. We wish Rachel and Cameron all the happiness in the world for their new lives together!

Photography by: John Colson Photography

Steph & Ross Wedding Highlights
steph and ross wedding highlights

The wedding of Steph and Ross at Tapeley Park Devon was an amazing day start to finish. There were a number of highlights, which captured a number of firsts for us as wedding videographers.

Firstly, this wedding represented the further distance we’ve gone to film a wedding to date. We travelled from the Midlands the day before, as we knew we’d need to be up for the crack of dawn capturing an early morning groomsmen swim!

Yes, that was another highlight and first for us at this wedding — filming the groomsmen starting the day with a swim in the sea was pretty awesome and made for a very memorable occasion. We’re told this is a Devonian thing!? Either way, we felt honoured to be included in these early morning festivities and with the drone out for the day, we were able to capture some stunning footage of the sea swim!

The ceremony took place at St. Michael’s Church in the tranquil and serene little village of Horwood. Couldn’t have had a more positive and welcoming vicar for this wedding. And that’s something to say, as any wedding vendor will tell you!

As Ross’ family are Scottish, the night ended up an awesome Ceilidh dance. What a night it was! This was one of the most unique and memorable weddings we’ve ever filmed

Photography by: Laura Buffery Photography

Roma & James Wedding Highlights
roma and james wedding highlights

Roma and James’ majestic wedding was set in the beautiful town of Malvern. With views of the Malvern Hills in all their summer splendour, this wedding was a real beauty to film!

We began filming at the Orchard Side Bed and Breakfast where Roma was getting ready. Always great to get their early and get the prep shots that really tell the story of the day. From there, we headed over to James’ parent’s home, where the wedding reception would take place later, in order to my shots of James’ preparations.

The ceremony took place at the stunning Malvern College Chapel. This is a unique venue that you need special permission to get married at. What a privilege to film here and get lots of natural shots of the couple in and around the grounds of Malvern College.

As Roma is Polish, the unique thing about this wedding was the observance of lots of Polish customs. For instance, we’d never before filmed a bride and groom arriving at the church together!

After the ceremony and the shots at Malvern College, we departed for James’ parents house where the rest of the wedding day would continue with lots of dancing, stories to tell and vodka to drink. Fantastic day and fantastic couple!

Photography by: Arek Zaremba Photography

Jenni & Anthony Wedding Highlights
jenni and anthony wedding highlights

The wedding of Jenni and Anthony was filmed on a beautiful sunny day in mid June. We again filmed at one of our favourite venues, Deer Park Hall.

The day began with bridal preparations at Eckington Manor. Eckington Manor is a stunning little hotel just outside Pershore in the beautiful village of Eckington. Famed as a cookery school, I’m sure they have a lot of wedding guests visit due to Deer Park Hall being just down the road.

From Eckington Manor, we moved to Deer Park Hall for both the ceremony and reception. Great to have the ceremony and reception in the same place, as it makes our job as wedding videographers so much easier. Also, the lack of rushing around from place to place helps us have the time to do our best work.

One of the highlights of the whole day was the sparkler lighting at about 9:30pm. The guests formed to lines and a processional bit down the middle (think a traditional lineup for a confetti shot!), lit sparklers and waved them whilst the bride and groom walked past them all! Made for some breathtaking shots for the film! Definitely want to film sparkler shots at more weddings!

Photography by: Marta May Photography

Lauren & Andrew Wedding Highlights
lauren and andrew wedding highlights

The wedding of Lauren and Andrew was filmed amidst the rolling countryside in and around Astwood Bank.

The day started early in the morning, as Matt and Russ made their way to Kings Court Hotel, Alcester to film the bridal preparations. Next, it was onto Andrew’s father house in Astwood Bank where the groom prepartions were taking place.

After that, we travelled the short distance down the road to the private house in Astwood Bank where both the ceremony and reception occurred. The grounds were picturesque, with stunning views from all sides.

The ceremony was a really pleasant occasion, with an acoustic guitar player as background music and everything set inside an open marquee.

The weather wasn’t always on our side and the heaven’s decided to open up on us on more than one occasion! Despite a couple of thundery downpours, where guests had to seek quick shelter in the marquee, the day went splendidly. The grounds of the house made for a great wedding reception locale, complete with hay bales and plenty of space to drink and mingle.

Natalie & Sean Wedding Highlights
natalie and sean wedding highlights

Natalie and Sean’s wedding took place at a new wedding venue for us, the very awesome The School House in Weeford, near Lichfield. Always great to film somewhere that you’ve never filmed before!

We started out filming Natalie’s bridal preparations in Tamworth. The morning was busy and buzzing with a lot going on at the house. From there, it was over the other side of the city for the groom prep with Sean and his groomsmen.

The couple got married at S.Mary the Virgin church, which was just yards away from the venue. After the church service, it was easy for the guests to take a pleasant stroll to the wedding reception. Always helpful for us as wedding videographers, too!

The School House is a restaurant and wedding venue with a lot of acres of grounds. Great for guests to mingle around and us to get some creative shots.

The first dance was good fun, as the slow dance turned into a mini rave when the music dropped and the bride and groom called all their friends up onto the dancefloor. Something different!

Photography by: Frank Wood Photography

Sarah & Rob Wedding Highlights
sarah and rob wedding highlights

The wedding of Sarah and Rob was a lot of fun and took place at, The Quorn Country Hotel, near Loughborough. 

The day began begun with bridal preparations at Mojo Hair Design, an upmarket hair salon in Chorley. The bride and her bridesmaids had a great time getting ready and the champagne was flowing freely, which is always a good sign!

The groom preparations took place at the couple’s house in Swadlincote. It’s always great to get the guys together for prep footage in the morning. Some people don’t think it’s as important as a the bride prep, but it’s not just about watch shots and footage of ties being done up! It’s good to get some natural shots of the groomsmen together, even if it’s shots of drinking.

From there, we moved to The Quorn Country Hotel, where both the ceremony and wedding reception took place. We got some nice natural shots of the couple kissing and playing around in the gardens around the venue. The first dance was equally as playful and the guests were clearly eager to get on the dance floor!

We wish Sarah and Rob all the best with their future and new lives together!

Photography by: Avant Photography

Siarrad & David Wedding Highlights
siarrad and david wedding highlights

The wedding of Siarrad and David in Pershore represented a couple of firsts for us, as well as a couple of familiar aspects. 

The day began with bridal preparations at Northwick Hotel Evesham. This wasn’t a super early start for us, as it was a later than usual wedding ceremony. The groom was also getting ready at Northwick Hotel, so Matt and Russ both began the day in the same place – this doesn’t usually happen!

The groom made his way over to Deer Park Hall at around 1pm to finalise preparations and ensure everything was running smoothly. We followed shortly afterwards and met up with our drone operator at the venue.

Great to get the drone up in the sky early and we were able to get some awesome establishing shots of the venue, as well as capturing that all important bridal arrival shot. We had cameras on the ground capturing it, but fantastic to get the aerial view as well!

It was fantastic to get some brilliant drone shots around the Deer Park fields with the couple embracing and really forgetting the cameras are there. That’s what it’s all about! Natural!

Photography by: Stephanie Baines Photography

Sam & Tom Wedding Highlights
sam and tom wedding highlights

A spectacular spring day awaited us in mid May for Sam and Tom’s big day. Everyone made the best of the awesome weather and we were able to get some stunning footage for their film.

The ceremony took place at Holy Trinity church in Meole Brace, a quaint little village just outside Shrewsbury. The reception took place at Grove Farm, another first visit venue for us. Set amid the lovely rolling countryside of Shropshire, Grove Farm Leisure is a new wedding venue set in the village of Shawbury, just outside Shrewsbury.

We really enjoyed working with Sam and Tom. They’re a fantastic couple were are clearly very much in love. We had a great time travelling to Shropshire for this wedding and meeting some fantastic folks!

We wish Sam and Tom all the happiness in the world in their new life together as husband and wife.

Photography by: James Arnold Photography

Alice & Charlie Wedding Highlights
alice and charlie wedding highlights

Early April weddings are always interesting to us from a scenery and backdrop perspective. This wedding in April was no different. And, as an added bonus, we worked with a fantastic couple in Alice and Charlie, who are very much in love.

We filmed at the beautiful St John Baptist Claines Church Worcester. It’s a very intimate church and the close quarters setting was very much in alignment with the intimacy of Alice & Charlie and their friends and family. After the church service, and pictures outside the church (including a pretty cool confetti shot!), the couple boarded the vintage car waiting for them and made their way to the venue.

All in all, a fantastic wedding to attend and film in Worcestershire. We wish our friends Alice and Charlie much love and prosperity in their new lives together as man and wife.

Photography by: David Purslow Photography.

Leann & Mark - Wedding Highlights
leann and mark wedding highlights

Leann and Mark have a great story. It was a story they told to us during our Initial Meeting with them to talk about their wedding plans at the Worcester Guildhall, and it was something that really became a talking point as we planned their wedding film.

They met as young people and became, in their words, “childhood sweethearts.” Life did what life often does and kept them apart for many years, before they reunited as adults. It was important for Leann and Mark to have a wedding day (and a wedding film) that captured their children, friends and family on the day that childhood sweethearts became man and wife.

So it was with that background to the story that we approached their filming their big day.

The wedding took place at the Worcester Guildhall, the grand building in the centre of Worcester’s thriving city that acts as its administrative heart. It really is a fantastic place to get married, with opulent surroundings and views out of the window at the city going on all around you.

Photography by: Lee Webb of Lee Webb Photography

Helen & Andy - Wedding Highlights
helen and andy wedding highlights

Helen and Andy have a lot of love for each other and their friends and family. It was clearly on display during this cracking wedding at Deer Park Hall.

The day began with Russ filming the groomsmen getting ready at Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, whilst Matt headed to the bridal preparations in nearby Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove. There was the usual combination of makeup, champagne and laughs at the girl’s residence, whilst the guys, in typical groomsmen style, headed to a local pub for refreshments!

Helen and Andy’s ceremony took place at the St Michael church in Stoke Prior. 

From the church, we had a bit of a drive in order to get to Deer Park Hall, where the reception was staged. Deer Park Hall, based near Pershore in Worcestershire, is one of my favourite wedding venues. It has a great mix of country charm and modern facilities and the staff are some of the most professional and helpful in the industry.

Photography by: Lotty of Box Brownie Photography

Katie & David - Wedding Highlights
katie and david wedding highlights
Katie and David were a fantastic couple who asked us to film their special day in Bromsgrove. This was a wedding during November, so we were keen to see what kind of day mother nature would give us.

The weather wasn’t exactly on our side, with heavy rain on and off for most of the day. But, due to it being a November wedding, the majority of proceedings were spent in the warmth and comfort of indoors.

Photography, which you can see examples of throughout this blog post, was by the awesome couple of Kay and Rob who make up Brookfield Photography.

The ceremony took place at the Holy Trinity and St Mary’s Church in Dodford. The church is set in lovely surrounds just outside Bromsgrove and is architecturally interesting in a lot of ways. The vicar and members of the church made our lives easy, which is always a big help.

From there, festivities moved to the Holiday Inn Bromsgrove. The speeches were a particular highlight, with David’s best man (and brother) stealing the show with a hilarious speech. The comedic timing was perfect and people were in hysterics! I think he has a career as a standup comedian in his future!

Photography by: Kay and Rob who make up Brookfield Photography

Lianne & Tom - Wedding Highlights
lianne and tom wedding highlights
Lianne and Tom had a memorable day at The Holt Fleet, and we were honoured to be able to capture their memories and create a fantastic wedding film for them.

Photography at this wedding was by the brilliant Hayley Morris of Hayley Morris Photography. The images in this post are just some of her stunning work on the day. Hayley has a lot of passion for what she does and was really attentive to our needs as videographers on the day, which always helps us out a lot.

Both the ceremony and reception took place at The Holt Fleet, a great venue just outside of Worcester that features lovely river bank seating and views of the River Severn as it drifts by. We got plenty of stunning video as the couple kissed passionately on the little wooden platform near the river’s edge.

All in all, a lovely day at The Holt Fleet, some new faces met and a stunning wedding film in the works!

We wish Lianne and Tom all the best in their new lives together. You were incredibly relaxed and easy to work with on the day, and that certainly helps us do our job well!

Photography by: Hayley Morris of Hayley Morris Photography

Annette & Paul - Wedding Highlights
annette and paul wedding highlights

You can tell that Annette and Paul are very much in love. As testament to that, check out our latest Wedding Highlights clip that we think goes a long way to proving this fact!

There were some really special moments during this wedding and a couple of firsts for us as videographers. We’ve never seen an owl deliver the rings at a ceremony (pretty cool!) – check that out in the Highlights clip. And we’ve also never had a bridal baby confession during the speeches!

Annette and Paul’s picturesque ceremony took place at St Peter’s Church, Dumbleton. This is where the now notorious owl spectacle took place…as well as their vows, of course!

The rather grand Dumbleton Hall was host to the reception. If you haven’t been to Dumbleton Hall, it’s based near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and is one of the Cotswolds best venues!

Did I mention we love filming weddings?

Photography by: Jet Photography

Nichola & Andy - Wedding Highlights
nichola and andy wedding highlights

Filming Nichola and Andy’s wedding near Aylesbury marked the furthest we’ve travelled to shoot a wedding. And the travel was worth it – as we were treated to a cracking wedding!

Nichola and Andy’s ceremony took place at the beautiful St Mary the Virgin Church in Weston Turville. Weston Turville is a quaint little village near Aylesbury and south of Oxford.

From there, we switched gears and moved to Notley Tythe Barn, a lovely converted barn venue in the nearby town of Long Crendon. Buckinghamshire really is a splendid part of the country and these venues all had a very British appeal!

The reception had a really upbeat vibe with plenty of cool people and the party kept going late into the night. A real highlights for us was one of the greatest Best Man speeches we’ve ever witnessed (just hilarious, hitting all the right notes, whilst being both emotive and laugh-out-loud funny!) Look out for a short sampling of that in the Highlights Clip above.

Photography by: Alex Healy Photography

Emma & Matt - Wedding Highlights
emma and matt wedding highlights

We were privileged to be asked to film Emma and Matt’s wedding in the beautiful surroundings of their country home. There may have been a few showers, but it didn’t stop everyone having an absolute blast on this fantastic day!

The theme for this wedding was very much the great outdoors – and Emma and Matt certainly made good use of the splendid fields around their home in Herefordshire. The ceremony itself took place in the quaint Bosbury Church

We had a great time in Emma and Matt’s company, as well as that of their friends and family. Everyone seemed to have so much love for the couple and it showed in the video footage we took on the day.

Photography by: Andrea Dovey Photography

Bethany & James - Wedding Highlights
bethany and james wedding highlights

Bethany and James love animals and the outdoors (as well as each other!) and it shows in this Highlights clip of their big day.

Outdoor weddings can present challenges in the UK due to our changeable weather conditions, but as you can see in the video, we were treated to a splendid day!

We filmed the ceremony amidst the grand spectacle of Great Whitley Church and the reception was held in Bethany’s family stables near Abberley, Worcestershire. It was great to film in the spectacular baroque church and the tipis at the reception were a great touch!

To top it all off, there was croquet, giant outdoor Jenga, a wally wanging competition and a fireworks display to close the festivities.

Photography by: Andrea Dovey Photography

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