During our time making wedding videos for couples, we noticed that certain questions get asked a lot.
In the interest of making the process as smooth as possible, we’ve created a page of Frequently Asked Questions that we find solves a lot of our client’s questions.

What do we need to do to secure you for our wedding date?

Once you’ve got in touch and made sure that we’re available for your date, all we require to secure your date is the £250 deposit.
Once we’ve received your deposit, we’ll send you the Receipt of Depsoit document, which books us in for your wedding date.

When do I need to pay the final balance?

The final balance is due 30 days before your wedding date.

Do you do drone/aerial videography?

Yes, we do – but there are some issues with drone/aerial videography that you need to be aware of:
  • Some venues have non-fly policies that prohibit the flying of drones during weddings (safety issues with large groups of people). You should seek out written assurance ahead of time that your venue allows drone/aerial videography before requesting it with us.
  • Drone/aerial videography has become very popular at weddings these days. Still, to achieve a professional look, you need to set a bit of extra money aside. We have links with professional drone flyers all over the UK who we hire in on an as needed basis.
  • Depending on distance travelled and time required, you should expect to budget in around another £500 for drone footage.

Do you record sound/audio for your wedding videos?

Yes, we’re pleased to say we do!
We’re also kind of surprised (and shocked!) when we discover just how many of our competitors don’t record sound for their wedding videos.
Sound is an incredibly important part of the emotion and story of the day. We record sound during the ceremony, the speeches and we often have cameras (or other devices) recording sound throughout the rest of the day.
On the subject of recording sound: it’s very important that, if you want us to film in your church/place of ceremony, then you have okayed this with the vicar/master of ceremonies, etc.
From time to time, we run into issues with churches (and especially vicars) not being very accommodating. We find that keeping the church notified about your intention to have video is the best bet.
Further, to achieve the best possible sound qualify, we prefer mic up the groom. This allows us to pick up the best possible sound during the vows and enables us to hear the bride, groom and vicar properly. The use of sound should also be cleared with your church.

How many videographers are filming during my big day?

All of our packages feature two videographers shooting for the entire period. The videographers are Matt and Russ and you can learn more about us here.
Two videographers means that we can maximise the amount of creative angles and coverage for your wedding film.

Do you work with/recommend any photographers?

We often get asked if we do wedding photography as well. The answer to that is: no.
However, we have had the pleasure of working with a number of fantastic photographers.
Different photographers suit different types of weddings and couples, so get in touch with us if you’re looking for a specific wedding photographer recommendations and we’ll be able to help you out.

Can I customise one of your packages?

We work as storytellers on the day and every aspect of the story needs to be told in order to make a captivating and awesome wedding film.
Our packages are designed to tell the story of your big day from start to finish.
We’re sometimes asked if we can remove a certain part of the coverage on the day (often to reduce the price), but that nearly always compromises the strength of the fantastic wedding film we plan to deliver.
However, there are some cases where people might not be comfortable with a certain part of the package, or the day doesn’t allow for a certain coverage situation. In those cases, we’d be happy to amend the package slightly.

Do you do discounts for booking early/booking out of season/etc?

Ordinarily we don’t.
What we can offer people looking for a discount is a shorter film. For instance, if one of our packages is slightly out of budget for someone, we can offer to deliver a slightly shorter film for a reduced price.
This way, we can still be there for the same amount of time at the wedding (thus getting maximum coverage to make a great film), and we don’t compromise the story of your day.

I've seen this wedding film that I really like and was wondering if you'd be able to replicate their style?

No. I’m sorry, but this is where we have to fly our artistic flag a little.
We have gained a fantastic reputation making some of the most high quality wedding films in the UK. We have a style and a process that’s all our own and trying to copy someone else’s style will just lead to poor results and annoy everyone involved.
We welcome your thoughts and input on style, tone and content (of course!), but we won’t try to replicate another videographer’s style.
I recommend that you take a look at our work (if you haven’t already), and if that isn’t what you’re looking for, then we might not be a good fit.

How late do you stay/how long do you film for?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions.
We film from the bride and groom preparations (usually early in the morning) and stay until just after the First Dance.
We find that gives us plenty of footage in order to create a fantastic wedding film.
We normally stick around a little after the First Dance and see what the vibe is and see what the potential is for any additional interesting filming possibilities (i.e. see how many drinks are bought for us…I kid!!)
Joking apart, by the time the First Dance has finished, and we’ve got some great shots of friends and family dancing just after, we’ve got enough shots to make an awesome wedding film.

We've got this fantastic thing/event/attraction, but it will involve you staying late or coming on another day. Can you do this?

We’re well up for filming extra attractions and events!
Do be aware that if this means staying much past the First Dance or travelling to another location on another day, then we may need to charge extra.

Do you have Terms & Conditions and a Contract?

All our legal bits and pieces (including mileage issues, our cancellation policy, etc) can be found here.

Who holds the copyright to the film?

Copyright law indicates that the film and all footage taken on the day belongs to the videographer.
We reserve all rights to use the footage we take on the day in our marketing and promotional materials.
In unusual situations, allowances can be made if you don’t want your video to be used in our marketing materials, but this would require a request in writing before you book.
When you pay the deposit and ask us to be your videographers, you are giving permission for us to use your video in any promotional materials that we require.

Can I put my wedding film on social media?

Of course!
We find that the Highlights Clip, delivered as part of all our packages, is a perfect length for posting on Facebook and other social media.
We encourage all couples to share their wedding film far and wide!

Will I be able to buy raw footage from you?

No. I’m afraid we don’t sell or giveaway any aspect of the raw footage we take on your wedding day.
A lot of work goes into making the films after your wedding day and the raw footage, naturally, is unedited. We don’t think it’s a good professional move to offer our unedited work.

How long will my wedding film be in duration?

This, along with all the other important details about the films themselves, is covered in our Pricing Brochure.
Each of our packages comes with two films:
  • the feature length film.
  • the Highlights Clip film.
For the latest information on the packages, click this link to see our most recent Pricing Brochure.