A Little Bit About Us

Shoot The Piano Player started as a favour for a friend and just kept on growing. We’re a small team of creatives who love weddings and capturing couple’s memories cinematically. 

One of the strongest elements of Shoot The Piano Player is that we each bring something different to the table. We’ve got heart and soul, but we also know how to add fun and humour to what we do. When we started with wedding videography we knew we didn’t want to be another “Uncle Eric in the back of the church with his 1990s holiday camcorder!” We knew we were offering something with more flair and beauty, something that our couples would be excited to show their friends.

With that said, and now that you know what Shoot The Piano Player is about, we thought we’d give you a quick glimpse into who we are…



Matt is a Midlands based filmmaker and videographer. He writes, directs, shoots, edits, as well as occasionally hosting. Matt has shot commercially in both the UK and USA, and enjoyed his time as an Englishman in LA.



Russ is a film producer/editor/director with vast experience in film and music as well as marketing. With a keen eye for detail and an understanding of modern media concepts, Russ is always thinking outside the box without losing track of the most important part of the production… the client.


Marketing Manager

Laura is our marketing and social media guru. She's also responsible for a lot of the creativity behind our awesome final deliverable packages that clients receive. If you love the artistic style of the wrapping you've received, let Laura know!